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PhD in Finance and Economics

The Quantitative Finance Research Centre (QFRC) offers its research students the opportunity to study in an environment that is up-to-date and internationally focused. All academic members are committed to seeking excellence in teaching and research, and we regard the development of our research students as a crucial part of our mission.

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The QFRC maintains strong links with the Australian and international financial markets. The centre is recognised as a leading independent advisor and our researchers are highly sought after by industry and government to provide quality consultation in the field of quantitative finance.  As a result, the Centre is able to provide thesis topics that are motivated by problems that are current and of great interest to industry.

We are committed to both the needs of our students and to the development of our academic disciplines.  The centre sets high standards for staff and students and we strongly encourage and support quality research outcomes.  QFRC members frequently present their work at domestic and international Universities and research conferences, and regularly publish their research in the best international journals. Our objective is to stay at the educational frontier in the fields of finance and economics.